About Us

About Us

DuPage for Progress is a nonpartisan grassroots organization headquartered in Lombard and currently the only political organization in DuPage County devoted to supporting progressive candidates in nonpartisan races.

Our Mission

DuPage for Progress identifies, recruits, and provides guidance to local candidates who commit to pursuing our common goals of diversity and inclusion, stewardship, collaboration and sustainability.

Our Vision

To help foster a local government that is more representative of the people it serves by recruiting and supporting more diverse and progressive voices in our community who we believe will embrace differences and inspire positive change.  D4P prioritizes the recruitment of BIPOC, LGBTQI and female candidates.

Our Values

Rejecting “Politics as Usual”

  • We reject the idea of politics as usual and “that’s just how it is,” instead embracing transparency, vulnerability and speaking out when necessary.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • We strongly believe that our public institutions are stronger when all voices are heard, equally and when elected representation reflects the diversity of our community and therefore prioritize the recruitment of BIPOC, LGBTQI and female candidates.
  • We work to create a space in which BIPOC, LGBTQI and female candidates will feel safe, fully supported and heard.
  • We want to ensure that anyone who is passionate and invested is able to run for local office, regardless of how much time or money they are able to commit, or what their professional background and experiences might be.


  • We promote responsible stewardship of taxpayer money by holding all elected officials accountable and striving for greater transparency.


  • Our organization is grassroots in nature – not top-down.  New leaders typically emerge with ideas for projects they are passionate about.
  • We work closely with other established organizations in the area in order to have a more broad and lasting effect.
  • We provide support more than direction, and meet candidates where they are at.
  • We emphasize action, process and learning by doing.


  • We believe that promoting sustainability is not just beneficial but critically important.
  • We strive to do our part to create a better community for future generations by creating and participating in programs that encourage efficient energy use, water consumption, recycling, composting and sustainable public transportation.