DuPage for Progress identifies, recruits, and provides guidance to local candidates who commit to pursuing our common goals of:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Stewardship
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability

We are a nonpartisan organization headquartered in Lombard and support candidates throughout DuPage County.

Our Vision for a Brighter Future

Diversity and Inclusion

We strongly believe that our public institutions are stronger when all voices are heard, equally. When elected representation reflects the diversity of our community.


As public servants, we take seriously our responsibility to allocate tax dollars fairly, thoughtfully, and efficiently. 


We are committed to utilizing the myriad of existing county organizations to increase efficiency and provide the highest level of service to our community members in the most cost-effective manner possible.


To ensure our community is adequately prepared for the impacts of climate change, and to do our part to create a better community for future generations, we seek to create programs that encourage efficient energy use, water consumption, recycling, and composting in all municipal offices.